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Nokia VS Apple Infringement Case Intensifies

Nokia has extended its patent case against Apple, adding even more counts of alleged infringement to its claim.

In the latest twist of the ongoing patent suit, Nokia has filed a further 13 incidents of copyright infringement in courts in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, relating to touch interfaces, caller ID and display illumination, the BBC reports.

In a statement Nokia’s vice president for intellectual property Paul Melin said that the patents relate to “using a wiping gesture on a touch screen to navigate content or enabling access to constantly changing services with an on-device app store, both filed more than 10 years before the launch of the iPhone”.

The case originally began in 2009, when Nokia sued Apple for infringement, claiming that the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch contravened 10 of its patents. Apple responded with a counter-suit, claiming that Nokia had infringed on more of its own patents.

Both sides deny each others claims.