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O2 Pushing Out Dell Streak Android 2.2 Update

Dell Streak owners on O2 have already started getting the much-awaited Android 2.2 OS upgrade, delivered to them, days after Vodafone announced Froyo for the HTC Magic.

The roll out, which will be rolled out gradually over the next 24 hours, will bring USB and Wi-Fi tethering, enhanced app management, native MS exchange support, Swype keyboard app, better user interface, a more stable environment, support for Flash and many other less significant improvements.

Dell has confirmed that there will be three parts to the update; data backup, update download and update installation. The usual terms and conditions apply; backup your data and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi in order not to use your data allowance.

O2 has published a complete Dell Streak Android 2.2 update document here. O2 no longer has the exclusivity on the handset and it is also available (for less) at Vodafone and Orange.

The five-inch smartphone is a very capable alternative to the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and other 4-inch or more smartphones like the X10 or the HTC Desire HD.