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Radio Survey Reveals 8 Million Britons Have Downloaded Podcasts

A study has revealed that a proportion of radio listeners are starting to favour podcasts and 'listen again' services over traditional live broadcasts.

The latest research, conducted by radio audience evaluator RAJAR, has revealed that 8.1 million Britons, or 16 per cent of the population, have downloaded podcasts, with 44 per cent of those listening to at least one such service per week.

According to The Guardian, new technology like smartphones and Internet radio are proving beneficial to the radio industry instead of cannibalising it.

The research revealed that around 6.6 million British adults have listened to the radio on their smartphones at least once and an estimated 2.2 million people had downloaded a radio app.

Rajar also found that 16.3 million people had listened to the radio over the internet while 12.7 million people used a catch-up service like BBC's iPlayer to listen to their favourite radio shows.

Christel Swift, a researcher at Rajar, said in a statement: “Listening to radio via smartphones has grown rapidly over the past year or so and this is reflected in the number of people who claim to have downloaded a radio app, which now stands at just over a quarter of smartphone owners.”