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Report Names IE9 Best Browser For Blocking Malicious Content

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 is most effective web browser for blocking malicious websites and downloads, a report claims.

According to a study conducted by NSS Labs, which was funded by Microsoft, the browser is five times more secure than its closest rival in terms of user base, Mozilla's Firefox.

NSS conducted the study at the behest of Microsoft, who were keen to know how effective its browsers' anti-malware protection systems were. It was found that IE9 is 9 per cent more secure than Internet Explorer 8.

Microsoft credited the enhanced security on IE9 to its new SmartScreen Application Reputation, which uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to determine whether a downloading file is legitimate or not.

Jeb Haber, the head of IE's security team, said in an interview: “We wanted to look at malware blocking from a new perspective. We looked at what people are downloading [via IE] and found that a significant percentage of executable files were later confirmed to be malware.”