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UK's Cheapest 3G iPad + Three Uncapped Data Plan = Heaven!

Online retailer Zavvi is selling the 16GB 3G Apple iPad tablet via its Ebay outlet for a mere £429, a price that includes both VAT and delivery, making it by far the cheapest 3G iPad in the country, with a saving of £100 off the RRP. It is an even better deal because it includes a free Belkin Black leather case worth £30 on its own; the device is unused, unopened, undamaged and comes with one year warranty from Apple.

While not technically a mobile phone, the iPad is not a laptop either which means that 3 UK is unlikely to prohibit you from using its brand uew Uncapped Data Plan, The One Plan, in the tablet (ed : you could just as well use it in the Samsung Galaxy Tab). You can of course convert the SIM to a microSIM using a meat cleaver (as described expertly here). Given that some sell a 5GB data plan for £25 per month, the same as 3 UK's One Plan, the deal is one to be reckoned with especially if you plan to consume more than 10GB and don't mind sticking with the same network for two years.