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£500 Philips 40PFL5605H/05 40" LED Full HD 1080p TV

The 40-inch Philips 40PFL5605H/05 combines the vivid colours and rich detail only a Full HD LED screen can provide with crisp, clear action and stunning sound to create a television that offers great all round performance.

This Full HD 1080p television uses Philips' Pixel Plus HD system to offer a combination of ultimate sharpness of images, full natural detail, glowing lifelike colours and smooth natural motion on images from all input sources, including Blu-ray, DVD, and both HD and standard television signals. Pixel Plus also detects and reduces artefacts in compressed signals.

As an evolution from the simple backlighting technology used in earlier LCD televisions, the Philips 40PFL5605H/05 uses sophisticated LED backlighting technology, which creates rich, colourful images without using as much energy as a plasma.

Philips has developed the HD Natural Motion system to eliminate juddering effects that can be seen on fast-paced action movies and sports. It works by evaluating motion in the picture and correcting judder in both broadcast and recorded material, including Blu-ray and DVD. The resulting smoothness and sharpness offer a performance that even surpasses the cinema, and will improve both SD and HD pictures, including Full 1080p HD. This is twinned with a 100Hz LCD to increase the sharpness of motion reproduction to more than twice that of a conventional LCD, making it an ideal set for watching action movies or fast-paced sports.

As well as great imagery, the Philips 40PFL5605H/05 packs in powerful sound, with a built-in virtual 2.1 speaker system, which pumps out an impressive 40 watts of sound, and excellent bass response.

The Philips 40PFL5605H/05 has a built in Freeview tuner, so you can access the full range of free-to-air terrestrial channels. Three onboard HDMI ports mean that you can plug in a wide range of Blu-ray and DVD players, games consoles, camcorders and other units, while a USB socket allows you to connect memory sticks to watch your DivX movies, listen to MP3s or look at your holiday snaps.

This Philips 40PFL5605H/05 40" LED Full HD 1080p TV can be purchased from Bestbuy for only £500.