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Google Accused Of Using Dirty Tactics To Fight Off Competition

A French competition watchdog believes that Google is using its dominant position in the local advertisement market to "discourage, delay or eliminate" competition.

The French Competition Authority concluded in its findings that Google had subjected its customers and partners to certain clauses, technical obstacles and obscure terms to stay ahead in the local advertisement market.

The watchdog considered Google's dominant position in the search market and concluded that the company used vague and discriminatory trade practices to suppress competition.

The Watchdog said Google had imposed "exorbitant conditions on its partners or customers", as well as highlighting that it treated them "in a discriminatory manner or refuses to guarantee a minimum degree of transparency in the contractual relations that it establishes with them".

Google said in a statement to Cnet: “Search ads are one of many options for advertisers. If the price of search ads rises, advertisers can and do switch to other formats, both online and offline. That's the sign of a competitive and dynamic industry”.