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Google Adds Flash Security and Omnibox Instant Search To Chrome Beta

Google has updated its Chrome web browser with an Adobe Flash sandbox to enhance the security of the web browser.

According to PC Magazine, the company released the sandbox plug-in to the beta channel of its web browser. The system is designed to isolate Flash player in a virtual sandbox, hosted on a cloud server, to protect the system from attacks.

Google said in a blog post: “The sandbox adds an additional layer of protection to further guard against malicious pages that try to hijack your computer or steal private information from your hard drive.”

The company also plans to add the Flash sandbox to Chrome browsers on Mac and Linux based systems.

Google has additionally added Instant Search to the web browser's omnibox in Chrome's address bar. The omnibox is combined with the address bar to double up as a search tool for monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.