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Google Brings 3D And Offline Mode To Maps 5.0 For Android

Google Maps for Android devices has been updated to include all new 3D capabilities and an offline mode.

The new Google Maps 5.0 for Android will allow users to view the simulated skylines of more than a 100 cities around the world. The company, using vector graphics, will allow users to exploit the multi-touch technology to tilt the map for better view, zoom-in and even rotate the map.

The company is also offering a compass mode, which will make the map move according to the direction in which the user is standing.

The app's offline mode will cache all loaded maps, allowing users to use the app even when they are offline. The maps take up very little space on the smartphone and load fairly quickly.

Google said in a blog post: “We're already hard at work improving the algorithms and technology behind these features, so over time you can expect to see maps work better in more offline situations.”