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Kinect enables raft of pornographic games

If the porn industry has been the engine driving the internet revolution, as many claim, then it sounds like the revolution is about to hit your home console. The Kinect hack has put the necessary hardware in the hyperactive hands of the technically gifted and it seems that now everything is in place, if you would like to play naughty games.

ThriXXX Software, a developer of interactive 3D sex games, is using the Kinect to play out the actions of your character in a sex-driven RPG game... the demo, that has been published and then removed from Youtube, shows how Kinect would allow you to grope some bikini-totting hottie. We'll call it a "proof of concept" as due to the nature of the drivers and IP, Microsoft will surely object to the use without proper consent.

Of course, the resulting interaction stems from a device hack and open source drivers. Hacking the Kinect motion-controller has opened up Pandora's box of potential uses, from plugging it into a regular PC for goofy fun to the naughtier getting-it-on with a web pal in some virtual universe. Unfortunately, and despite rigging up a Kinect for some kinky online action being relatively easy, putting it to commercial use will definitely cause some legal problems.

From the get-go, developers will be aiming at a "mature gamer" demographic and Microsoft will find itself very reluctant to break the taboo and accept this position. We dare say developers will have to go down on all fours and beg Microsoft for the opportunity. The idea that their technology is being used to do the dirty deed will, indeed, be hard to swallow.

The fact of the matter is there's more to it than just a bit of fun using a Kinect, there's a whole plethora of legal wranglings due to the explicitly adult nature of the games that will be within reach of predictably unsupervised minors. If Microsoft puts its foot down, it can easily win over the support of politicos and conservative activists who will moan on about family values being debased, thereby wiping out any attempt of using the Kinect outside the realm of Xbox 360.

On the other hand, there is a whole lot of money to be made with sex games. While these games are fairly commonplace in countries like Japan, us westerners are the kings of consumer pr0n and online "interaction". Bring those concepts together and you get one huge wad of money that Microsoft and others will likely (albeit discretely) nod at approvingly. RPG games seem to be just the tip of the iceberg (especially because the pr0n industry seems to be far more innovative at adapting game concepts than their non-pr0n counterparts).

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft and Sony will become more receptive to a happy ending when they look at the potential cashflow this business generates. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.