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Microsoft Bing Gains On Google And Yahoo

Microsoft's Bing is slowly gaining on its rivals, but Google continues to lead the pack, recent comScore search engine metrics indicate.

According to comScore, throughout November, Microsoft's Bing gained 0.3 per cent in the search market, while Google and Yahoo dropped by 0.1 per cent. Bing's gain is being attributed to the recent enhancements made to the search engine, including deeper integration with Facebook.

Predictably, AOL search finished at the bottom of the list, with a search market share of 2 per cent. Search giant and market leader Google was at the top of the list with 64.3 per cent of the share, followed by Yahoo with 19.3 per cent.

Google's position in the search market is believed to have been strengthened by its newly unveiled Google Instant search feature, increasing search speed for users.

“Google sites ranked first with 10.6 billion searches, followed by Yahoo sites in second with 2.6 billion, and Microsoft sites in third with 1.9 billion,” the comScore report said.