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News@10: Ofcom Considering Making 0800 Calls Free On Mobiles, MPA Asks BT For Newzbin2 Block & Nokia

Ofcom has launched a consultation into making calls to 0800 numbers from mobile phones free of charge. The regulator also plans to improve the way in which directory enquiry and voting call charges are advertised by mobile phone operators and make calls made from mobile phones and landlines to 0800 numbers free of charge by 2012.

The Motion Pictures Association of America (MPA) has served BT with a court order, asking it to block access to Newzbin2, a Usenet website accused of hosting copyright infringing material. Previously, the European division of the MPA had complained against the Newsgroup website, leading to the courts shutting Newzbin2 down.

Nokia has extended its patent case against Apple, adding even more counts of alleged infringement to its claim. In the latest twist of the ongoing patent suit, Nokia has filed a further 13 incidents of copyright infringement in courts in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, relating to touch interfaces, caller ID and display illumination, the BBC reports.

“Online Living Consciousness” Anonymous has heralded the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as a victory in the war for free speech and the freedom of the Internet.

New figures released by the BPI show that almost three quarters of all music downloaded in the UK this year were done so illegally. The Digital Music Nation report found 1.2 billion tracks were illegally downloaded by 7.7 million people throughout 2010, amounting to a loss of around £1 billion for the music industry.