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Ofcom Proposes Making Calls To 0800 Numbers Free From Mobiles

UK telecom watchdog Ofcom has launched a consultation into making calls to 0800 numbers from mobile phones free of charge.

The regulator also plans to improve the way in which directory enquiry and voting call charges are advertised by mobile phone operators and make calls made from mobile phones and landlines to 0800 numbers free of charge by 2012.

If Ofcom has its way, then companies will be forced to display the exact charges a caller will incur when ringing such a number.

Calling the current system "opaque and confused", chief executive of Ofcom Ed Richards said in a statement:"There is clear evidence of widespread uncertainty and confusion about the cost of calling these numbers. Consumers need to have far more transparency about the price they are going to pay for calls so that they can make more informed choices and so competition can work more effectively."

"Making 0800 free from a mobile and giving people clarity about what they are paying for will improve transparency, improve competition and enhance trust in these important services."