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OpenFeint Releases 'Groupon-Like' Mobile Games App

Mobile social gaming platform OpenFeint has released the Game Channel app, which applies a Groupon-like model to purchasing and buying mobile games.

The Game Channel is being fashioned as a group-buying portal for mobile social games built on the OpenFeint platform. Developers will be able to promote and market their games by offering discounts for game downloads, providing a specific number of people vote on them.

The app will come with a Fire Sale feature, which could help developers drive game downloads by offering discounts on group purchases of a particular game.

The company will offer discounts on premium games priced between $1.99 to $9.99. According to OpenFeint, if a specific number of people vote to download a particular game, its price will automatically drop to a pre-defined level.

If a deal is granted, everyone who has voted for the game discount will receive a push notification announcing that the game is available for download at a special price for a limited period of time.