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PASC To Scrutinise Government IT Strategy

The Common's Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) has launched an inquiry into the government’s IT strategy.

PASC is set to scrutinise the development and implementation of government IT policy.

“The inquiry will examine the government’s overall strategy for information technology, including how it identifies business needs, the effectiveness of governance arrangements, and procurement policy and practice," the committee said.

The committee is inviting written evidence in relation to issues concerning the inquiry before evidence sessions kick-off in the new year.

PASC said that changes to government IT policies were already underway.

In the emergency budget, the committee said, the government announced cuts of £95 million to IT spending, a moratorium on new contracts worth over £1 million and the renegotiation of contracts with suppliers.

"Central government is notorious for large IT projects running over time, over budget and ultimately failing," PASC said.

"An examination of the effective use of IT in government is therefore timely," it added.