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Word Lens Augmented Reality Translation App Launched

New augmented reality app Word Lens has just been released for Apple's App Store, allowing users to translate text written on signs into a language of their choice in real-time - all without the need of an Internet connection.

An ideal tool for people visiting a foreign country where signs in their native language are hard to come by, Word Lens has its own in-app dictionary which translates the text on any image in real-time.

All the users have to do is open the app and view the road sign, menu, placard or any other printed text through the camera on the iPhone.

Currently, the app, which available as a free download from the App Store, allows users to translate text from Spanish to English and vice versa, with more languages set to be released soon. Users will be able to purchase further language packs for £5.

The app has managed to gain a lot of popularity since its launch and has been on of the top trending topics on Twitter all day long.