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103-year Old Briton Becomes Oldest Facebook Member

Great-grandmother Lilian Lowe joined Facebook quite late but it turned out that she could well be the oldest user of the social networking website at 103.

She received more than 1,000 friends requests after her story reached the BBC and she lists the Tendy Lifeboats section of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution as one of her likes.

The retired businesswoman goes on Facebook twice per week to keep in touch with her family and her grand-children.

The BBC article also mentions that she heard of Twitter but doesn't know what it is. She surely knows what Apple stands for though as she is pictures with one of the great grand children using an iPad tablet.

In the US, a report by Pew Research Center nearly half of the "younger boomers", who were born between 1955 and 1964, were on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, more than twice the proportion in 2008.

But it was the group of users aged 74 or higher that saw the fastest rate of growth when it came to embracing social networks with nearly one in every six of them now on a social network.