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Apple, EMC And Oracle Join CPTN In Novell Patent Acquisition

German antitrust authority Bundeskartellamt has revealed that Apple, EMC and Oracle have joined the Microsoft led consortium CPTN Holdings planning to acquire Novell patents from Attachmate.

Attachment is planning to acquire software maker Novell for $2.2 billion, and is selling 882 Novell patents worth $450 million to CPTN Holdings, which is a front for companies like Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle.

The document released by the Federal Cartel Office, which was posted on 9 December, does not specify the which patents are being acquired by the consortium.

Open source advocate Florian Mueller said that the news should not be alarming to developers of open source software as it was fairly common for tech giants to haul patents.

“They all want to enjoy excellent relations with software developers, and software developers expect large players to make reasonable and constructive use of whatever patents they own. I guess that's exactly what will happen in this case,” he wrote on a blog post.