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E-Mail Popular Across The Generations But Blogging On The Decline, Says Pew

Blogging has reached its peak, but e-mailing continues to grow across all generations,a new study released by Pew Internet has revealed.

The study found that the use of blogging has remained constant across all the six types of generations surveyed by the research firm.

At one point of time, blogging was on the rise but the advent of social networking platforms and micro-blogging platforms stunted its growth to a point from which it can only decline and not rise, the study found.

“Only half as many online teens work on their own blog as did in 2006, and Millennial generation adults ages 18-33 have also seen a modest decline—a development that may be related to the quickly-growing popularity of social network sites,” the report notes.

E-mail, on the other hand, is the most widespread activity on the Internet by people of all ages, even those who fall into the G.I Generation category or people aged 74 and above.