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Reminder : Dell Cuts Price Of Streak To £399

O2 announced the release of Froyo (Android 2.2) for the Dell Streak which you can buy for £399 on PAYG from Telefonica.

But you can also get it from Dell direct, unlocked, for the same price including VAT and delivery which is £50 less the original selling price.

What's more, Dell also sells a home dock solution and a car docking kit, both of which are not available from O2.

You can also add another year to the 12 month warranty for only £5, making it altogether a better option to buy it from Dell for the 16GB model.

However, O2's 32GB version of the Streak on PAYG is a full £30 cheaper than at Dell. Dell rolled out Froyo for the Sterak last month and you can find out more here.

The Dell Streak remains a capable handset despite being launched more than seven months ago. It has the largest "pocketable" screen on the market at 5-inch.

The original model was launched with Android 1.6 which meant that the Streak was at a disadvantage from the start compared to the likes of the HTC Desire or the Samsung Galaxy S.