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EA Slashes App Store Game Prices

EA has slashed the price of its gaming apps for the Apple App Store down to 59p each.

With one eye on dominating the application sales chart before Christmas, every major title like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, FIFA 11, The Sims, Need for Speed, Mass Effect Galaxy and Monopoly has been made available for 59p.

For 59p each, users can get over 200 MB of first-person gaming, Know Your Mobile reports.

In the US App Store, such pricing strategies have already shown results - EA has so far seen six of its games reach the top 10 list. Meanwhile EA’s, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 managed to grab the top spot, displacing Rovio's Angry Birds.

The reductions will not apply to many of EA's newer games, such as Mortal Combat 3, which will be going for the same £3.99 as before.

It seems EA is planning to make it big in the mobile gaming market this season and the results would turn out to be more significant if its games are able to maintain the top slots over Christmas.