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EC Launches European eGovernment Action Plan

The European Commission (EC) has launched the European eGovernment Action Plan, aimed at supporting “the transition to a new generation of open, flexible and seamless eGovernment services at local, regional, national and EU levels."

According to the EC, the action plan will help governments to improve services, standardise processes and increase public engagement.

Commission vice president for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes said: “Governments that want to serve their people best, need to serve them efficiently. We must get the most out of every euro we invest.”

“This is about more than good government. Effective and efficient public administration is the first pillar of the broader competitiveness Europe needs,” she added.

“More must be done to tap the efficiency and empowerment potential of the technologies out there. Otherwise, the untapped potential may start causing problems.”

According to Kroes, governments that do not embrace such technology risk alienating younger generations.

It could also help to remove “pointless” barriers to entry to the Digital Single Market. She said that many businesses may encounter problems when wanting to trade, apply for licences and permits, pay VAT or establish branches across borders.

She said: “Both citizens and businesses must be able to benefit from on-line services everywhere in Europe regardless of their country of origin.”