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English Defence League Members' Details Stolen

The English Defence League has advised supporters to be "vigilant" after hackers broke into a site related to the group and stole user data.

According to BBC News, the names and addresses of a number of people related to the English Defence League, known for its anti-Islamist stance, have been leaked online after the site was hacked by a group called the Mujahideen Hacking Unit.

The website belonged to a clothing company linked to the group and all details belonging to people who purchased merchandise from the website and made donations to the group has been leaked online.

The EDL has since then reported the incident to the police and has advised its supporters to remain "vigilant".

“We don't anticipate any problems as these types of data theft are usually committed to cause annoyance rather than having any other ulterior motive. If, however, anyone does feel threatened or in any way unsafe we would urge you to contact the police immediately and explain the situation,” the group said in a statement.