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Google Body Browser Launched

Search giant Google has launched a new tool designed to allow users to explore the human body in a Google Earth-like style.

The new Body Browser is a 3D reconstruction of the entire human anatomy, allowing people to explore all the nooks and crannies of the body.

The tool comes with zoom and pan functions, similar to the ones offered by both Google Earth and Google Maps, allowing users to zoom in and out of the body and focus on specific areas.

The Body Browser runs on all web browsers equipped with WebGL graphics technology, which is found in Chrome and the latest version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser.

The tool is capable of helping users to identify various parts of the body. Users will be able to explore and study bones, tissues and ligaments, along with various organs and muscles.

With the implementation of WebGL graphics, users will be able to rotate a 3D image of the body and will be able to discover the body layer by layer by peeling away the skin.