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Google Deletes Last Of UK Wi-Fi Data

Search giant Google has deleted the final batch of sensitive user data mistakenly collected via its Street View service in the UK.

The company had already removed most of the data collected, but a fraction had not been wiped. The process of removing the information was drawn out due to the company having to separate data that was to be kept after a number of foreign governments requested for it to be stored for pending investigations.

The search giant said in a statement: “As we have said before, we did not want this data, have never used any of it in our products or services, and have sought to delete it as quickly as possible. We can confirm that the UK data has now been deleted, and that this has been independently certified.”

Google has been given relatively lenient treatment by the British authorities, with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) merely ordering the company to submit to an audit. The company is currently being investigated in other European countries like Germany and Czech Republic.