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Google refuses to hand over Street View data

Google has refused a US court request for information on the data picked up by its Street View cars in the US state of Connecticut.

An investigation by state attorney general Richard Blumenthal into what Google claimed was the 'mistaken' gathering of personal wi-fi data by its Street View cars had petitioned the search firm for more information on the nefariously-captured data.

But in a telephone call, a Google representative appears to have more or less told Blumenthal's office to get stuffed, a spokesperson for the attorney general told Reuters.

Blumenthal said he was "disappointed" by Google's failure to comply with his demands for information

"Google's story has changed from claiming it only collected fragments to acknowledging possible capture of full emails, making review of the data even more urgent," he said.

"We will review any information we receive and consider whether additional enforcement steps - including possible legal action - are warranted."