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Google TV not invited to CES party

Google TV won't get the reception it was expecting at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas according to insider reports.

The New York Times is quoting sources close to the project which reckon that the Internet search giant's big push into the living room has hit some unexpected hurdles and won't be one of the high rollers at this year's gadget-fest in the desert.

Big hitters like Sony, Toshiba, LG and Sharp were all pencilled in to show off flat-screen sets with Google's Internet streaming software built in but some who have seen early versions of the user interface have described it as 'lacklustre' according to the report.

Sony and Logitech already have Google TV-equipped hardware out in the wild but initial reviews from both punters an pundits have been luke-warm. Most have said that the software is too slow to react to searches and that the available content doesn't go beyond what is available elsewhere for much less money.

Google is infamous for putting everything it ever does out as a 'perpetual beta' leaving its disgruntled customers to iron out the wrinkles in half-baked products which is all well and good if you are giving stuff away for free.

Expecting customers to beta test consumer electronics products which were sold at a premium price might be a bit of an ask.

Rumour has it that Google has asked TV partners to hold off from releasing any new products until the next iteration of the software is finished, although no time-frame has been attached to that process.

The advertising outfit is rapidly building a reputation for treating its manufacturing partners with contempt, which is all well and good if your only partner is a relatively minor cell-phone builder, but messing with the likes of Sony and Toshiba could be an altogether different kettle of fish. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.