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Intel's take-over of McAfee has EC spooked

European regulators are having a grumble behind closed doors about chip maker Intel's recently-announced acquisition of security outfit McAfee.

According to the Wall Street Journal the regulators are mulling the implications of the multi-billion dollar deal.

Intel could add a level of security to its processors in a move that could kill competition stone dead. The Journal says Eurocrats have been talking to rival security firms about the future implications of the deal, many of whom will be squealing blue murder.

Intel could embed security functions into its chips or tweak them to work best with McAfee software, a questionnaire prepared by the regulators suggests.

Intel has frequently demonstrated that it should be trusted just about as far it can be thrown.

The EC punished the firm with a record €1.06 billion charge, after it was found to have paid the likes of Dell a fortune not to use rival AMD's chips.