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Manufacturers Asked To Delay Google TV Sets

Google has asked manufacturers to delay from launching TV sets integrated with its IPTV software at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Reuters reports that the company's appeal for a delay has surprised many of the manufacturers working on the project. LG, Toshiba and Sharp were already planning to showcase products with Google TV at CES.

Samsung Electronics has said that it will push ahead with the launch of its Google TV products at the show, despite the request.

According to Google, their TV service needs more tweaking before it is ready for the consumer market. Until now Sony and Logitech are the only companies to have released Google TV products in the market since its launch in October.

Google TV allows viewers to surf the web and stream online content using a TV set. The service has received mixed responses from consumers and the company now intends to fix most of the bugs before other manufacturers launch their products into the market.