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Microsoft Looking To ‘Quadruple’ Kinect Accuracy

Microsoft is reportedly working to quadruple the accuracy of its Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral.

According to a Eurogamer source, Microsoft is looking to improve the Kinect’s accuracy to detect finger movements and hand rotation.

The Kinect team, the source says, is working “very hard” to develop a compression technology to allow more data to pass from a Kinect to an Xbox 360.

Currently, the Kinect’s depth sensor is limited to 30 frames per second and a resolution of 320x240. By doubling the resolution to 640x480, the Kinect should be able to detect motion as minor as finger movements and hand rotations.

Kinect features are controlled by firmware, and so can be upgraded via online downloads over time.

The Eurogamer source claims that Microsoft is currently working to improve data transition from the USB controller interface, which is capable of 35 Mbps but only uses about 15/16 Mbps.

Microsoft is yet to confirm the rumours.