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No Link Between Violent Behaviour And Games Says New Study

A new study has disputed claims that link violent behaviour with video games and has suggested that researchers need to avoid jumping to conclusions about a possible connection.

The study, conducted by assistant professor Dr Christopher J. Fergurson and researchers at Texas A & M, examined the behaviour of 302 children aged between 10 - 14 with a history of violence and delinquency.

The children were originally interviewed about their character, home life and media consumption. After a year the participants were again quizzed on their media consumption, but this time asking whether the child had done anything violent or aggressive over the past 12 months.

The results eventually showed that personality played a greater factor in incidents of violent behaviour, rather than being prompted by video game use. Instead the study seemed to suggest that individual moods had more of an influence on aggressive behaviour.

Fergurson said: “These results suggest that current mood states may be more important in the etiology of aggressiveness than historical influences, at least for children and young adolescents”

The researchers also stressed that fellow analysts should be more careful before making sweeping judgements that associate violence and video games in their hypotheses.