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Top judge says Tweeting in court is OK

Tweeting from UK courts has been given blanket approval by Britain's most powerful judge.

The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, the aptly-named Igor Judge, was prompted to make the ruling after court hacks asked if they could use the micro-blogging site to report on the Julian Assange bail hearings.

The judge in that case, District Judge Howard Riddle, said he had no objection and history was made.

Lord Judge said the messaging service could be used within court rooms as long it did not interfere with the proper administration of justice.

Sending audio feeds or images from UK courts is still illegal but existing legislation for the use of text-based communications was until now unclear.

Sneakily knocking out a quick tweet from the public gallery has been common practice for some time now.

The approval has immediate effect but will be subject to official review at a later date.