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Unknown Elonex Android Netbook Goes On Sale For £89.99

The first sub £100 Android netbook has been appeared in the UK courtesy of Walmart-owned supermarket, Netto, and it bears the name of one of UK's best known computer brand, Elonex.

The ONEx netbook costs only £89.99 and will be available instore only from the 20th of December, next to bags of crisps and cheap booze.

Curiously though, you won't be able to find the item on Elonex's website and nothing crops up even on Google. The ONEx apparently comes with a 7-inch touchscreen with a 800x480 pixels resolution, with "HDMI 1080p high definition video" which we're not sure about.

It comes with 2GB Flash memory, Android 2.1 Eclair and what seems to be a keyboard with a mousepad. The netbook looks suspiciously like the Elonex tablet that went on sale at the end of October at Asda but with a keyboard case.

Expect therefore a LNX Code 9 ARM-based processor (unknown characteristics and unknown speed) with 128MB RAM, microSD slot, Wi-Fi, G-sensor and a headphone port.