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£80 Philips HTS3510 Black 5.1 DVD Package System with HDMI inc. Speakers

Like nearly all one-box home cinema systems, the Philips HTS3510 comes with a separate subwoofer for added impact. Unlike others, however, the satellite speakers have also been designed to produce a powerful sound.

Thanks to the fitment of 'basspipes' the HtS3510's speakers can handle a wide range of sounds without sounding tinny and relying too much on the subwoofer.

Powering these impressive speakers is a well-matched, 300 watt, digital amplifier. As well as keeping the packaging compact, the digital amplifier also keeps tight control on the sound and helps give the Philips its wrap-around sound staging.

Built into the main unit is a DVD player with upscaling to 1080p. Combined with an HDMI output, this gives you the best picture quality possible from your DVDs.

As a further bonus, the player will also play CDs, VCDs and DivX encoded discs. Making the Philips HTS-3510 even more flexible is a USB socket. Connect up a USB flash drive or media device and you can view photos and videos on your TV.

Coming complete with an AUX input and built-in tuner you can use the Philips HTS3510 as your main music system. There are also a full range of equaliser settings from Classic to Rock that allow you to tailor the sound to exactly how you want it. For a fantastic value home cinema on-box system with way better sound than most, the Philips HTS3510 deserves your attention. You can buy the Philips HTS3510 one-box home cinema system at £80 from Richersounds.