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AOL Acquires

AOL has acquired personal profile platform four days after its public launch.

The platform allows professionals to create an online business card that contains links to their profiles on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. also comes with a built-in analytics tool that allows users to keep a track of their page views and the impact their profile is having on the web. co-founder Tony Conrad wrote in a blog post that the company is excited to be joining AOL, and that they are happy to be associated with a company that is out to reinvent it self.

“Going forward, our business approach will also remain unchanged – start-up-style, with the same hunger and spirit was founded on. We are joining AOL at an opportune time. AOL is doing what great, sustainable business do every so often – they’re reinventing themselves,” he wrote.

The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed by either party. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.