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Apple iPad Leads Online Computer Sales

Sales of computer hardware in the US retail market jumped by a quarter year on year between the 1st of November and the 17th of December and Apple's iPad was one of the big winners.

Comscore highlighted the role played by the Apple iPad and other handheld devices like e-readers in the 25 per cent growth which allowed computer hardware to head the list of top growing online retail product categories.

The research company said that around $27.46 billion were spent over these 47 days, a 12 per cent increase compared to 2009, with consumer electronics growing by 22 per cent year on year and computer software excluding PC games jumping by a notable 16 per cent.

The "Free Shipping Day" held on the 17th December, allowed retailers to rake in sales of $942 million and ended a week where US consumers spent more than $5.5 billion online.

The UK is likely to follow the US and lead the rest of Europe when it comes to online sales. The Apple iPad 3G edition emerged as the winner against the non 3G version as mobile phone operators subsidised the tablet heavily.