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Apple launches ad-building tools for iOS4

Apple has released a new set of tools and resources for developers wanting to jump on the company's iAds programme.

iAd Producer (opens in new tab) allows registered developers to create interactive advertising for Apple's triumvirate of portable iDevices - the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad - using simple drag-and-drop tools. Apple reckons you won't have to go within sniffing distance of a single piece of code to produce convincingly professional results.

In a very Apple-like manner, the software automatically manages all the back-room shenanigans including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript leaving developers nothing more to do than make it look pretty.

The software also deals with cross-platform issues and will resize the resulting ads to work across all Apple devices.

The software's Visual Designer brings together all of the key elements of the iAd into a single design window showing the 'visual flow'. Apple has provided a library of pre-built templates including video carousels, maps and interactive image galleries.

There's also a library of motion-rich interactive components, including common interface elements like buttons, switches and sliders.

Page transitions can be gussied up with swish fades, wipes and flips and the software will automatically include libraries of all of the assets, including video photos and music, currently available on your Mac.

The software includes simulators that allow virtual App testing on your Mac desktop, as well as an iOS tester application that shows the App in action on the target device. Apple has even set up test servers that can show how the App will work in the real world over an actual network.

iAd Producer has an ongoing asset validation process which will flag potential problems with file types before submitting it to Apple's 'walled garden' for approval.

As well as generating more cash for Apple (opens in new tab), iAds is being touted as an innovative way for third-party developers to generate cash by releasing free Apps with embedded interactive adverts in their offerings. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.