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Apple Pulls WikiLeaks App

Apple has removed the unofficial WikiLeaks app from the App Store only five days after its launch.

Created by Russian developer Igor Barinov, who promised to donate half of the money raised from the sales of the $1.99 app to WikiLeaks, the app allowed users to access all content from the whistle blowing site, as well as follow updates posted on the official WikiLeaks Twitter account.

Barinov reported via his twitter profile @wikileaksapp that Apple had removed the app without giving any reason.

Before the app was removed from the store it had managed to raise $1,000, mainly from US sales.

According to PC Pro however, the app had been criticised for lacking depth, with one user referring to it as “just a wrapper for the mobile website.”

“There is no access to the actual released documents and a Twitter feed doesn't count as up to date information,” the commenter explained.

Similar apps for WikiLeaks can still be found in the Android Market.