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Apple TV Expected To Reach One Million Sales

Apple’s TV service is expected to notch up its millionth sale this week.

The company’s latest sales forecasts predict that the hardware will top over one million sales in the next seven days, only 3 months after the product’s release in September.

According to Reuters, the company has seen a boost in sales after dropping the sale price to only $99.

Apple also claims that iTunes users are downloading more than 400,000 TV shows and 150,000 movies per day for the product.

Apple TV allows users to stream television and movie content from the Internet to their TVs. Thus far the company has managed to attract major companies Fox, ABC and Netflix to provide content for the service.

The company’s success with its Internet TV hardware comes in stark contrast to Google’s TV service, which has been met with poor reviews, media content being blocked by major TV networks and numerous bugs found in the system.

The web behemoth has recently asked partnering manufacturers to delay launching TV sets with the software inbuilt at CES next month.