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Apple TV eyes million-sold milestone

Apple announced today that it will have sold a million Apple TV units by the end of the week if all goes to plan.

The fag-packet-sized box of tricks which sells for £85, and was once called a 'hobby' by Apple messiah Steve Jobs, had a major renaissance on its recent relaunch and is now selling like hot cakes.

Able to stream content from a number of on-line video outfits, including YouTube, the weeny black box also got a lift in the recent iOS4 upgrade when it became capable of streaming media direct from the company's iDevices, which can also be used as a handy controller using the free Remote App.

Apple reckons it is currently shifting 400,000 TV episodes and 100,000 movies which can be purchased forever or rented through its iTunes service.

At the heart of Apple TV is the same A4 chip used in the iPhone 4 and the iPad, causing optimistic pundits to predict that the device could theoretically be used to run the hundreds of thousands of iOS4 Apps currently available.

Various hacks have forced the gadget to run web browsers and stream video from Apple unapproved sources but the holy grail of running games has thus far been elusive.