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China bans the use of English in the media

China is clamping down on the use of pesky English terms in the media - a phenomenon that has grown extraordinarily in the Internet age.

Government body, the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) recently 'banned the arbitrary use of English words and acronyms', according to the People's Daily.

In a statement, the GAPP said the use of foreign languages in newspapers, books and on the Internet was seriously damaging the purity of the Chinese language

In particular English words, especially half-English, half-Chinese terms "that are intelligible to nobody," are causing a kerfuffle and have to be stamped out. The rise of 'Chinglish' has "adverse social impacts to the harmonious and healthy cultural environment," apparently.

So the Gapp now requires press and publication administration departments to "strengthen inspection and management of language usage quality control in publications". According to the newspaper, the "checking of foreign languages usage is required in daily censorship and annual inspection."

Any violations will have to be corrected and punishment will ensue, the GAPP warned.