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FourSquare Adds Photos And Comments To iOS App

Location-based social networking platform FourSquare has released an updated version of its iOS app, bringing the photos and comments features to the product.

The updated app, available as a free download from Apple's App Store, will allow users to post comments on friends' check-ins and to post photos related to the locations they have checked into.

The company said that similar updates will be launched for the Android version of the application later this week, and that the Blackberry version will be updated next month.

According to FourSqaure, third party platforms like Instagram, Picplz and Foodspotting, have already started using the new photos feature on the platform. Foursquare is also planning to add Facebook and Flickr uploads sometime in the future.

All photos uploaded by users at check-ins will only be visible to their friends and on other social networking platforms where they have shared the check-in. However, photos attached to tips and venues will be visible to all, the company said.