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Google Refuses To Give Indian Government Access To Gmail Encryption Keys

Google has refused to provide the Indian Government with access to its Gmail encryption keys.

The government's crackdown on communication service providers stems from its concern over terrorists using these services to co-ordinate attacks similar to those that took place in Mumbai in 2008.

Earlier Indian authorities turned the whip on Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry services and are now extending this crackdown on other service providers like Google and Skype.

The Indian home ministry, intelligence agencies, along with the telecom department is exploring the possibility of mandatory sharing of data with the Government by all communication service providers.

Google India product chief Vinay Goel said that users entrust their data with the company and it is their duty to protect it. Privacy is important for Google, Goel said.

Goel, however, added that the company will allow the Indian Government access to its data in case of a large scale risk to human life and property in the country.