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Instant word translator via the iPhone's camera

Apple application creator Quest Visual has developed an app for the iPhone that uses the handset's camera, in order to translate foreign text seen by the phones' lens - instantly.

Word Lens is available from the Apple App Store and immediately translates text seen on a sign, poster or advert without using any of the data allocation that accompanies the device's tariff.

As soon as the foreign text is seen through the cameras' lens, the on-the-fly translated text appears instantly in place of the foreign version.

Quest Visual's app is solely limited by the text that it can focus in on, meaning only printed information can be translated and not any handwritten or if unusual fronts have been used.

The application has a built-in dictionary for all the translation and doesn't pull down any information over the air - which is ideal when using the app abroad, as it won't incur any additional roaming expenses.

Word Lens currently only works for Spanish to English and English to Spanish, but the app creator has said more languages are being worked upon for the next version along with products for Windows Phone 7, Palm and BlackBerry.

Check out the video before, for an example of the Word Lens in action!

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