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Launch Of Google Nexus S Postponed By 48 Hours

Limited availability as well as strong customer interest have convinced Carphone Warehouse to postpone the launch of the Google Nexus S, the super phone manufactured by Samsung, by two days, until Wednesday 22nd.

Both CPW and strategic partner Best Buy will be selling the handset with "key stores" being likely to have enough stock to cater for demand.But then, the treacherous weather conditions of the past few days could also have played a part in slowing down stock distribution nationwide.

The retailing giant confirmed that "Due to strong customer interest, limited stock will be available to buy direct at key Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores in the UK" and added that "We are delighted to be able to offer this exciting phone at such a great price in time for Christmas."

Yesterday we reported that the price of the Google Nexus S fell from £550 to a more affordable £430 with monthly contract prices as little as £27.50 per month over 18 months on O2 via Carphone Warehouse.

The company - which operates a number of other subsidiaries - will be refunding the customers who had pre-ordered the phone at the original £550 and found themselves out of pocket.