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Microsoft Ditches Office Genuine Advantage Tools

Microsoft has unexpectedly shut down its Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) programme.

In a post on the Microsoft Support blog, the company said: "The Office Genuine Advantage program has been retired and the features of the OGA Notifications tool will no longer be active."

The company failed to divulge the reasons as to why the software tool is being shelved, although they maintained: “Microsoft is committed to anti piracy and will continue to support customers worldwide who may be victims of counterfeit Microsoft software. Microsoft takes piracy very seriously and will continue to educate consumers about the benefits of using genuine Microsoft products.”

OGA was introduced back in 2009 as an extension to the Windows Genuine Advantage programme and was designed to allow companies to ascertain whether they were running genuine Microsoft software or not.

The software required users to pass through a long validation process to prove that their software was not copied.

Users will still need to enter an activation key to validate their copy of Office.