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Mysterious £140 Dual Core Android 2.1 Tablet Appears On Dabs

Online retailer Dabs has a new tablet device that lets you get your hands on the full power of Google’s Android operating system for just £139.98 including delivery.

The Storage Options Scroll-tablet PC has a few tricks up its sleeve that will surprise many, given its lowly price tag. It’s based on a dual-core ARM11 processor running at 800MHz - significantly faster than the chips you'll encounter in most tablets (and smartphones) at this price.

The only dual-core ARM11 model we've heard of is the ARMv6K (ARM11 MP Core), which is an evolution of the ARMv6 - and it would be very interesting if Storage Options has somehow managed to include it in this tablet. The Scroll’s 7-inch resistive touchscreen has a resolution of 800x480 pixels, and the tablet comes with 256MB RAM and 2GB onboard storage.

The device has two buttons at the front, one on the side for volume, and another one for turning the tablet on or off. The device's thick bezel is not to our taste but then, given that the tablet costs significantly less than the competition, it's a rather moot point.

Other features include a 3400mAh Li-polymer battery that can power the tablet for up to four hours with Wi-Fi on, three tiny speakers, an earphone jack, an accelerometer (or ‘G-sensor’ as they put it), and a number of bundled apps.

Amongst these are an Ebook reader, an array of Google services, a number of games, Adobe Reader, Facebook, MSN messenger and more. At 203x132x12mm, the Scroll tablet is slightly smaller than a sheet of A5 paper, weighs around 400g and is a smidgen thicker than an Apple iPhone 4 handset. It comes installed with Android 2.1 (with full access to Android Market). Storage Options says it has no any plans to upgrade to Froyo yet (but you can still install it if you want to).

Android 2.1 offers no Flash support, which means you’ll need to upgrade to Android 2.2 if you want to watch any BBC iPlayer programme. For more details on the Scroll tablet, either visit the forum or get in touch with the guys at Storage Options here. You’ll also find a very useful FAQ on the tablet here.

Prices correct at time of going to print.