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SEC To Investigate Hurd HP Dismissal

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are to examine the forced resignation of former HP boss Mark Hurd in August.

The Wall Street Journal reports that HP is cooperating with the investigation , which will consider whether or not the company’s former CEO leaked private information and misused company funds.

Hurd was forced to quit HP after being accused of passing on private corporate information about an impending multi-billion take-over to company contractor Jodie Fisher, who also alleges sexual harassment against the former CEO.

The SEC additionally intends to investigate whether he used corporate funds to wine and dine Fisher, as well as pay for her hotel stays.

The former CEO eventually joined Oracle as Co-President.

A spokesperson for Hurd stressed that the former HP CEO "acted properly in all respects".

The spokesperson added: “It is understandable that the S.E.C. is looking into the events surrounding Mark’s departure, which was followed by a precipitous drop in the value of H.P.’s stock.”