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Video Of Motorola Tablet Device Appears Online

Motorola took a dig at the Apple iPad by publishing an online video that showcased the tablet alongside a number of other revered but altogether "old" ones like the ten Commandments and the Rosetta stone.

Via its official feed, @motomobile (opens in new tab), the company said "Might want to hold off on that tablet purchase until 2011. Watch this: (opens in new tab) #ItsOn".

The silent video entitled "Tablet Evolution presented by Motorola" included three computer tablets, the GriDpad, launched in 1989 with a 20MB hard disk, the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one which the teaser said, bundled Android OS with a phone.

What the video does confirm is the launch of the Motorola tablet at CES 2011 in Las Vegas and the bee buzzing sound at the end is a clear allusion to Honeycomb or Android 3.0. You don't actually see the tablet though, not even the outline or glimpses of it which is a shame.

As for the launch of Honeycomb, it will clash with Gingerbread which has just been released. Given that each Android update has a lifespan of around six months, it means that the final version of Honeycomb will be released around May next year.

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