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WikiLeaks App removed from Apple Store

An 'unofficial' WikiLeaks App which contained published documents from the Cablegate leaks has been withdrawn from the Apple App Store.

The $1.99 App created by developer Igor Barinov has been removed from sale without explanation despite the fact that all of the information contained in it is publicly available.

Barinov says that the App, which was submitted on December 10th and approved seven days later, wasn't created to sell the content, rather to make it browsable with a 'nice design'.

The App was on sale for just three days before Apple pulled the plug but it's not clear how many copies were sold, or whether any government pressure was brought to bear on the Cupertino company.

The excommunication of WikiLeaks App, which also allowed users to follow the whistle-blowing web site's Twitter feed, is the latest in a long line of corporate climb-downs with companies like Amazon, Visa and Mastercard scrambling to disassociate themselves from Julian Assange's controversial organisation.

The majority of corporations which have taken steps to make life harder for WikiLeaks have been subjected to sustained attacks on their digital infrastructure mainly in the form of DDoS attacks from hacktivist collective Anonymous.

Barinov said that $1 from each sale was going into WikiLeaks' coffers so it's unlikely that the take-down request came from that direction.